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SC&W Introduces Dog-On-Good Coffee

May 18, 2010

After spending years in the coffee industry the owners of Specialty Coffee and Wines have tried to link some of Life’s pleasures to come up with viable products that can benefit and enhance one’s favorite hobbies and passions. For years our family has owned, bred, trained and shown man’s best friend.

So the questions became; How do we link our love of coffee and dogs? The idea is creating a specialty coffee line to sell to coffee and dog lovers that would also help our four legged friends became very appealing. Thus the creation of Dog-On-good Coffee

Using our years of experience in the coffee industry, we’ve created a wonderful line of coffees that feature dogs on the label. The purpose being a means to offer dog lovers, dog clubs, trainers, pet supply companies and charities a great way to support their favorite breeds as well as supporting all animals, especially those in need of homes and medical attention.

How we do this.
1. A portion of all our coffee sale proceeds are donated to the ASPCA by SC&W.
2. We’ve created breed specific labels for dog clubs. Dog Clubs can become dealers in order to purchase our coffee at wholesale and sell it at retail and to use the proceeds as they see fit to help support their club. Many of which have excellent breed Rescue Programs and other charitable efforts.
3. Vendors – Most dog show vendors are also dog lovers, if not breeders themselves. So why not sell coffee at your next dog show event and not only support your breed, but also know that your efforts are helping many dogs.
4. Trainers and pet supply companies can also become dealers in order to sell Dog-On-Good-Coffee to its customers whom will not only be pleased with this great coffee but to know your efforts are helping animals all over the country.
5. Charities supporting not only dogs, but ALL animal rescue efforts can be considered as potential dealers for Dog-On-Good-Coffee. Just give us a call and tell us about your charity. Charity specific labels can be created for charitable events with adequate lead time.
6. Other clubs, civic associations and churches, whatever your charitable cause, we’d love to hear about your efforts and how possibly, Dog-On-Good-Coffee can help generate profits for your charity. If we can help support your efforts, you’ll be helping support ours, so we welcome your inquiry.

Bella, Charlie, Bear and Celeste & Harry Weeks

h1 makes it easy to shop for wines in Arizona

July 16, 2009

We’re glad to announce as our new wine affiliate here at Specialty Coffee and Wines. On our continual quest to find the best selections and the best deals on wines we’ve visited and reviewed many webs sites. Certainly we feel comes pretty close to having it all when it comes to those criteria. Another dimension we look for is easy navigation and additional information about wines. Again fares high on our standards. Their site features a variety of special deals on gift basket or wine clubs, and a couple of terrific offers on shipping. Use the code “THANKYOU” at checkout and receive 1¢ shipping (Hurry expires soon!), or buy a year’s worth of unlimited shipping for $49, both great deals!

Give our new affiliate a try! And come back to SC&W for our latest suggestion, discount codes and seasonal offers from


Shop for wine now!

Shop for wine now!


An Uplifting Taste of Ginseng Coffee

July 13, 2009
West End Ginseng Coffee

West End Ginseng Coffee

We were recently intrigued by a product SC&W features on its “Complementary” products section of their store. The section, comprised of various teas and grain drinks, includes an instant coffee drink with ginseng root. Ginseng is a plant that grows predominantly in northern Asia, but can be grown in other cool climates. The leaves and roots have been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine as well as in cooking. Its touted effects range from a treatment for diabetes to the relief of sexual dysfunction. Recently becoming popular in American energy drinks for increasing stress resistance and being an antioxydant.

Today, however, we were just interested in a taste-test of West End’s Tongkat Ali Ginseng Coffee. The package available for around $20 contains 20 individual servings of the drink. All we needed was hot water and a cup. The results, a delicious cup of coffee with sweet caramel flavor, all in an instant! The individual packs are perfect to carry on trips or for a quick treat at the office. As for the immediate medicinal qualities? Well, we certainly felt better after a cup of ginseng coffee. But it could have been that company, so we recommend you share a cup with friends and/or family, we guarantee it will make you feel good.


Specialty Coffee and Wines Adds New Staff

July 11, 2009

SC&W is very excited to add a new member to the team. Casey Weeks-Acuna joined our team this July 6, 2009. After a marathon 28-hour labor Casey entered the world with screaming gusto, immediately signed a non-compete-non-disclosure agreement (kidding!). Proud pop, Hector, and grandpa, Harry, are thrilled to have a new member join our family and the SC&W Team. We’d also like to thank ReKico espresso for helping dad stay awake during those first nights. More Rekico Please!

Espresso Dreams

Espresso Dreams

To commemorate the occasion SC&W will feature two pieces of baby-wear with the ReKico PausaCaffe trademark. To be proudly worn the future ReKico drinkers. First item is a 100% cotton baby body suit, second, a baby bib, both emblazoned with the two-color ReKico logo. Visit our store for details

ReKico branded baby-wear

ReKico branded baby-wear

Welcome baby Casey!


Summertime Chardonnay and a Plate of Shrimp Scampi

June 27, 2009

We are welcoming a new wine affiliate My Wines Direct. SC&W Consultants has spent many hours of research and screening to assist its on-line customers in finding the best values for on line wine purchases. Our Wine Associate Program provides some of the best choices we have been able to find for purchasing wines on line.

circle_edge_265To get us started with My Wines Direct, Harry has recommended Circle’s Edge Chardonnay, 2005 California. “You’ve got to try this extraordinary chardonnay. It’s crisp, flavorful with a mixture of citrus fruits and has just a hint of a buttery savor on it’s finish. It will complement many of summertime grilled fish dishes such as, Halibut, Tuna or Mahi-Mahi steaks. It would be great with shrimp scampi as it has just the right acidity to off set the butter and garlic. Can’t wait till next weekend.”


The Myth of the Lemon Peel

June 10, 2009

lemonpeel_espressoLegend indicates the lemon peel was originally served with espresso after drinking espresso to clean one’s teeth. Another version claims that after WWII the coffee available in Europe was of such poor quality that the lemon peel was used to alter the coffee flavor. This is not an Italian custom today, but Espresso is often served in restaurants in North America. The truth is that the origin of the lemon peel in the coffee is strictly an American tradition. During the period of the emigration of many Italians to the United States, which would occur only by ship, from the European continent, the mainly poor immigrants would travel packed in a third class compartment of the ship that would eventually transport them to the new land, in search of a better economic opportunity after a thorn and battle ridden country soon after the second world war. The brought with them. along with their possession, the culinary tradition of Italy. Bread, cheeses, cold cuts, canned vegetables and of course coffee. Unfortunately the luxury of disposable cups was not available during those times, therefore they would bring along in their belonging, one or two coffee cups that would be forced to share with their fellows countryman. Brewing their favorite espresso would be one way to share the italian tradition. As the coffee was being served, it would be passed to other fellow passengers, therefore the need and necessity to sanitize the cup would force them to use the peel of a lemon to do so. As many children viewed their parents and grandparents use this method of serving coffee they soon adapted it in their coffee tradition as they grew up and passed it on to their children and grandchildren. No where in Italy will you ever be served an espresso with a lemon peel on a side. Just an American tradition that continues to find believers of a special enhancement of the aroma or special curative myth. Just a myth. When in Rome, do as the romans do… do not ask for lemon peel! You may get a nasty look from a not so friendly barista. Some traditions are not meant to be altered.

Dilip Pathak
ReKico, USA
Excerpt from ReKico June 2009 Newsletter


ReKico, USA Expands Westward

June 9, 2009

ReKico USA, announces the appointment of Specialty Coffee and Wine Consultants of Scottsdale, AZ., as their exclusive agents for dealer development and product support for the western states of Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Colorado, for their complete line of Italian Coffees.

rekico_logo_smallMr. Dilip Pathak, Sales Mgr. for Rekico, USA advised that the selection of Specialty Coffee and Wine Consultants had come about as a long standing relationship with it’s owner, Mr. Harry D. Weeks, who is recognized as one of the early pioneers in the importing of Italian Coffee and espresso machines from Italy .

Mr. Weeks founded M.M.S.I. Espresso Service Co. in Tampa Fl. in the early 1990’s and created M.M.S.I. Barista Training Institute where he trained hundreds of people employing the true Italian methods of creating specialty coffees.

After relocating to Scottsdale AZ., Mr. Weeks began working on his concept to bring together two of his life’s passions, Specialty Coffee and Specialty Wines