About SC&W

scwcllc_logo1Who we are:

Specialty Coffee and Wine Consultants LLC is a unique, cutting edge company offering the combined efforts of a group of professional associates with specialized skills to serve our clients. Our associates are paid professionals who work daily within our select industries.

What we do:

Our fields of expertise are specialty coffees, wine & spirits, and advertising.  However, we are not a “general” advertising, marketing or consulting firm. Most of our clients engage us to assist them in the development of a product line within a “specific” geographical area, primarily the western US.

Because we are able to provide a very formal and in-depth understanding of our select industries from the outset of the project, we thereby eliminate  any sort of “learning curve” that would delay achieving our client’s objectives.

Range of services available:

* Product Marketing Concepts
* Product Development Programs
* Dealer and Distributor Development
* Advertising and Internet Marketing Programs / Website Design
* Product Support Liaison
* Business Consulting for the Sale or Acquisition of Specialty Coffee and Wine businesses.
* Educational and Informative Programs.  (See Our Schools )
* Purchasing Specialty Coffee and Wines on line. (See Our Coffee and Our Wines)

Our rates are extremely competitive and all services are throughly outlined before the project begins.  What that means for our clients is that there are no surprises or hidden costs . All initial interviews are free .  If you have  coffee or wine products or a related business that you need help in promoting, give us a call or send us an e-mail.


Specialty Coffee and Wines Consultants LLC
5621 E.Sweetwater Ave.
Scottsdale AZ 85254
480- 767- 1231

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