An Uplifting Taste of Ginseng Coffee

July 13, 2009
West End Ginseng Coffee

West End Ginseng Coffee

We were recently intrigued by a product SC&W features on its “Complementary” products section of their store. The section, comprised of various teas and grain drinks, includes an instant coffee drink with ginseng root. Ginseng is a plant that grows predominantly in northern Asia, but can be grown in other cool climates. The leaves and roots have been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine as well as in cooking. Its touted effects range from a treatment for diabetes to the relief of sexual dysfunction. Recently becoming popular in American energy drinks for increasing stress resistance and being an antioxydant.

Today, however, we were just interested in a taste-test of West End’s Tongkat Ali Ginseng Coffee. The package available for around $20 contains 20 individual servings of the drink. All we needed was hot water and a cup. The results, a delicious cup of coffee with sweet caramel flavor, all in an instant! The individual packs are perfect to carry on trips or for a quick treat at the office. As for the immediate medicinal qualities? Well, we certainly felt better after a cup of ginseng coffee. But it could have been that company, so we recommend you share a cup with friends and/or family, we guarantee it will make you feel good.


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