ReKico, USA Expands Westward

June 9, 2009

ReKico USA, announces the appointment of Specialty Coffee and Wine Consultants of Scottsdale, AZ., as their exclusive agents for dealer development and product support for the western states of Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Colorado, for their complete line of Italian Coffees.

rekico_logo_smallMr. Dilip Pathak, Sales Mgr. for Rekico, USA advised that the selection of Specialty Coffee and Wine Consultants had come about as a long standing relationship with it’s owner, Mr. Harry D. Weeks, who is recognized as one of the early pioneers in the importing of Italian Coffee and espresso machines from Italy .

Mr. Weeks founded M.M.S.I. Espresso Service Co. in Tampa Fl. in the early 1990’s and created M.M.S.I. Barista Training Institute where he trained hundreds of people employing the true Italian methods of creating specialty coffees.

After relocating to Scottsdale AZ., Mr. Weeks began working on his concept to bring together two of his life’s passions, Specialty Coffee and Specialty Wines


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